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Farmed New Zealand Red Deer (Cervena)

Farmed venison is a more consistently available alternative to our wild, field-harvested venison. To meet the Cervena standards the farmed deer must:

  • Be 3 years old and under
  • Transported and processed according to strict quality-assured standards of the Cervena brand; licensed processing plants are audited bi-annually by an independent agency
  • Naturally raised
  • The deer must be able to roam and graze freely in natural conditions on the pastures of the farm
  • No growth hormones or steroids are administered to the animals
  • The deer are fed only on grass and can be supplemented during the colder months with only natural feed like hay and silage

In addition to this, we put the Cervena farmed venison through our own unique aging and butchering process like our wild venison. The final result is different, and we think better, than any other farmed venison.

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Often known as "backstrap," the loin is the most tender piece of meat. $28/lb.
Price*: $28.00
A great option for those seeking a venison steak. Hand cut leg muscle aged 28 days for maximum flavor and tenderness. $20/lb.
Price*: $20.00

Tender pieces cut from the loin, tenderloin, sirloin and leg muscles of red deer. $19/lb.
Price*: $19.00
Great tasting healthy alternative for recipes using ground meat. $11/lb.
Price*: $11.00

Lean ground venison mixed with 15% beef fat for extra juiciness. $11/lb.
Price*: $44.00
Lean ground venison mixed with 15% beef fat for extra juiciness. $11/lb.
Price*: $31.00

*Prices shown are the approximate price per package. Actual price is charged on a per pound basis and varies with actual package weight.

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