• About Dorper Lamb

About Dorper Lamb

What’s Dorper Lamb?

Dorper is a species of sheep developed in the 1930’s by South Africans who needed hardy breed that could thrive in both arid landscapes as well as on lush pastures. The Edwards Plateau here in Central Texas is very similar environment and perfectly suited to Dorper lamb and sheep.

Why is Dorper Lamb better?

Dorper lamb has been selectively bred to produce high quality meat… not wool. This eliminates lanolin in the fat which gives the meat a milder flavor your patrons will enjoy.

How is Dorper Lamb raised?

We work with a group of ranchers dedicated to humanely raising lamb of the highest quality. The lambs spend their entire lives grazing on open pasture and on a single ranch. Lambs are not castrated nor are their tails docked. Of course, no antibiotics or growth hormones are used. All this contributes to a natural product that is superior in flavor. The ranchers receive stable prices year round for their lamb, which keeps them out of the auction price roller coaster. This model benefits everyone.

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