Deer Meat Recipes

Cooking with deer meat is surprisingly simple once you get the hang of it. You can substitute deer meat in place of other types of meat in nearly any recipe. However, to truly enjoy the flavor of the quality venison from Broken Arrow Ranch, you may want to keep some things in mind.

Our venison is harvested wild, from deer that have spent their entire lives feasting on a natural and varied diet. The complex flavors of the meat do not need to be dressed up with a variety of strong seasonings. While you may wish to serve a sauce along side your deer meat as an accompaniment, you should consider a few simple preparation methods until you decide on your favorites.

Deer meat, with its naturally low fat content, will dry out quickly if not prepared carefully. If you have a tender cut of venison, such as the loin, cook the meat quickly at a high heat. This is best done by grilling, broiling or sauteing. These methods work well for venison because deer meat is most tender when cooked to no more than medium rare. These cooking methods will leave you with a lovely darkened exterior and a juicy pink center.

For cuts of meat that are initially less tender, such as roasts, you will want to cook in a way that adds moisture. By stewing or braising the meat over a relatively low heat for a longer period of time, you will end up with a fall-off-the-fork tender piece of meat. Once you have mastered a few favorite preparation methods, you will find deer meat recipes more exciting and less intimidating than you ever thought possible.