Restaurant Wild Game Serving Ideas

Wild Game Serving Ideas

Every cuisine in the world utilizes wild game in some form. We have assembled some ideas for presentation of our products in a wide variety of cuisines.

By Cuisine By Serving Style
French Appetizers
German Entrees
Italian Buffets/Catering

French Cuisine Menu Ideas

Medallions of Axis Venison with leek and artichoke ragout and foie gras stuffed Morel mushrooms 
Leg medallions seared and roasted with a ragout of artichokes, leeks, cream and truffle butter. Morels are stuffed with a foie gras mousse and poached in venison stock. Sauce is made from red wine reduction and venison stock.

Chef Brandon Johns, Mack's, Saline, MI

Axis Venison, Corn Soufflé, Juniper Berry Demi-glacé, Pommes Frites

Chef Eric Sayers, CQ's, Hilton Head Island, SC

Medallions of Texas Antelope with Roebuck Sauce 
Chef Haeringer starts with a "basic deer sauce" and adds red currant jelly, finely diced country ham, and other ingredients to create a "Roebuck Sauce." The sauce is served around Broken Arrow Ranch antelope medallions which have been seared in olive oil and butter. Garnished with wild rice and braised red cabbage.

Chef Jacques Haeringer, Chez Francois, Great Falls, VA

Antelope Rossini
With Chanterelle Brioche Pudding, Anise Spiced Foie Gras, White Asparagus, Port Truffle Reduction.

Chef Ron Oliver, Marine Room at La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, La Jolla, CA


German Cuisine Menu Ideas

The use of venison and wild game meats in German cuisine has a long history. The wonderful, rich flavor of our game meat works well for steaks or heartier fair, such as stews.

Venison Klops (Meatballs) over Spaetzle
Venison Schnitzel
Roast Venison
Wild Boar Stew
Venison Steaks with Mushroom Game Sauce
Venison Goulash


Italian Cuisine Menu Ideas

The many cuisines of Italy are filled with flavorful dishes prepared with venison and wild boar. The wonderful, rich flavor of our game meat compliments the taste and texture of Italian pastas and sauces.

Venison Steak with Wild Mushrooms (Camoscio in Salmi)
Filet of Venison (Filetto di Capriolo)
Venison in Sguazet (Capriolo in Squazet)
Stewed Venison (Capriolo alia Alto Atesina)
Venison Stew (Stufato di Cervo)
Pappardelle with Venison Ragu (Pappardelle al Cervo)
Venison with Marsala Wine (Cervo al Marsala)
Boar Stewed in Wine and Herbs (Cinghiale in Umido)
Wild Boar with Tomato Sauce (Cinghiale al Sugo)
Pannadelle with Boar Sauce (Pappardelle al Cinghiale)
Antelope or Venison Osso Buco
Saltimboca made with antelope, venison or wild boar cutlets
Wild Boar in balasamic vinegar with fresh rosemary, sage, and parsley (Maiale con Aceto Balsamico)
Venison Lasagna
Wild Boar or Venison Ravioli
Maranara sauce with Wild Boar or Venison Italian Sausage
Pizza toppings - sliced Wild Boar or Venison Sausage, crumbled ground Venison or Antelope


Mid-Range Pricing Ideas

We have over 80 different meat cuts that can be profitably plated for under $6 per serving. Our experienced sales staff can help find the right game meats for your menu.

Product Possible Uses
Chili Grind Wonderful low-fat chili - meat sauces - lasagna
Burger Patties and Ground Juicy with an outstanding flavor. Ground is great for meat sauces - meat loafs - nachos - enchiladas - any recipe where ground beef is used.
Stew Cubes For Braising Ragouts - Stroganoff - curries - carne guisada
Ribs Braise slowly for tender and succulent finger foods.
Whole Legs Roast 4 to 6 hours at 250°F. Slice thinly and fan on plate for a great presentation or serve at a carving station.
Filets Cook up juicy and tender. Add a great sauce of your own creation!
Tenderized Cutlets Use for smothered steaks, schnitzel, or chicken fry.
Chuck Roasts Pot roast is back because it tastes so good. These roasts add a new dimension to "comfort food."
Wild Game Sausages Almost unlimited uses. Our chefs use these for everything from salads to pastas to soups to appetizers.


Southwestern Cuisine Menu Ideas

Broken Arrow Ranch Antelope with homemade mango Worchestershire glaze on a Guiso of Conejo, Morels, and Tomatillos.
The plate is garnished with broken arrows of three colors cut from fried corn tortillas.

Chef Dean Fearing

Medallion of South Texas Antelope, Sautéed in Brown Butter and served with Wild Rice.

Chef Joe Mannke, Rotisserie for Beef and Bird, Houston, TX

Texas Antelope with Spicy Blackberry Sauce 
Chef Taylor fans sautéed antelope loin or leg filet on the plate, covering it with tangy sauce made from blackberries, stock, Cabernet Sauvignon, seasonings, and some Serrano chiles added for another level of flavor.

Chef Kevin Taylor, Kevin Taylor Restaurant, Denver, CO

Sweet Chili Glazed South Texas Antelope
With candy-striped cheese ravioli, fire roasted corn salsa and Mexican mole.

Chef Shane Ingram, Durham, NC



Many of our products can be plated as eye-catching, delicious, and profitable appetizers. Patrons are more likely to try new items as an appetizer.

Venison Osso Buco - 2 to 4 oz portions

Small Venison or Wild Boar Chop Ready Racks - 2 to 3 oz portions

Spicy Wild Boar or Venison Quesadillas

Antelope carpaccio or tartare


Entreé Menu Ideas

The sky's the limit. Let your imagination and creativity run wild or stick the the tried-and-true classics.

Venison with white beans, peppercorns, and lingonberries (Short Hills Hilton - NJ)
Medallions of venison with vegetable risotto and roasted pears (Short Hills Hilton - NJ)
Texas Antelope with sun-dried cranberries (UN Plaza Hotel - NY)
Texas venison with black-currant sauce (Land of Plenty - Chicago)
Roasted Rack of Venison & Shallots with dried-cranberry gravy (Gourmet Mag)
Venison with a lingonberry sweet and sour sauce (Aquavit - NY)
Loin of venison with a sauce poivrade and puree of sweet potato, parsnip, and purple potatoes (Chanterelle - NY)
Wild boar honey-roasted loin with a puree of dates and a saffron-scented compote of apple and quince (Essex House - NY)
Venison chop with butternut squash, wheat-berry risotto, and chili preserves (21 Club - NY)
Venison with a dry rub of garlic, bay, and juniper with a red wine sauce and a chestnut risotto cake (Savoy - NY)


Buffet & Catering Menu Ideas

Here are some of the many wild game products we produce that have proven successful for buffets:

Boneless Wild Boar shoulder or leg roasts - roasted and sliced to order
Wild Boar or Venison stew cubes for Stroganoff, goulash, hearty stews, or in a cream sauce served over pasta
Smoked Wild Boar or Venison sausages
Venison chili for those cold mornings (or evenings)
Ground Venison for Swedish meatballs
Our Venison Chunks, Chili Grind, and Ground Venison can be used in place of equivalent beef or pork products to prepare dishes with much less fat and a great clean flavor