Restaurant Waiter Guides

Waitstaff are the last point of contact before an order is placed so educating them properly on the dishes available can benefit you greatly. Good waiters with sufficient product knowledge are invaluable for their ability to guide patrons to enjoyable dishes that are also good for restaurant.

Tips for Training Your Waitstaff

  • Instruct them on how dishes are prepared and plated. The ability to create an image of the dish in the patron's mind is a powerful sales tool.
  • Have an answer ready for the question "What does the Chef recommend tonight?"
  • If products are specially sourced be sure they where they came from and why it matters.

Our "Waiter's Guides" are intended to provide your wait staff with important information that will allow them to answer questions from your customers. A knowledgeable waiter is more confident about recommending a menu item and is equipped to provide your customers with accurate information about the source of our products, nutritional benefits, assurances of food safety, and other issues important to consumers.

Available Guides:

Axis Venison

South Texas Antelope (Nilgai)

Wild Boar

Sika Deer

Blackbuck Antelope

Wild Game Sausages