Dinner Party Recipes

Planning a dinner party? Coming up with original recipes can be extremely frustrating. One idea is to prepare your favorite party recipe but replace the called-for meat, whether beef, pork, or lamb, with the equivalent cut of venison. This may seem like the easy choice, and it is, but the unique flavor and texture of venison will change the entire character of the dish.

If you want to be a little bolder, you can use a recipe that specifically calls for exotic meat and thrill your guests with a bold presentation. We carry a wonderful antelope boneless loin that can be prepared quickly and easily. Marinate the boneless loin for an hour or so, sear the meat in a hot pan and then roast until the meat is medium rare. Whip up a quick sauce and you have a wonderful meal.

The venison boneless loin, known as the backstrap, is the most tender and succulent cut of the axis deer and South Texas Antelope. It can be served as a steak or sliced in individual servings and sauteed. If you want to really impress your guests and introduce them properly to exotic game meat, a roasted backstrap would certainly do the job.

Looking for additional dinner party recipes? Further browse our website or give us a call. At Broken Arrow Ranch we realize that our meats are often used for special occasions. We take pride in this and are more than happy to provide you with hints, recipes, and serving suggestions.