Venison Chili

Venison makes a great substitute for, or addition to, any meal that uses meat. Chili is an excellent way to experiment with the different flavors and textures of the venison offered at Broken Arrow Ranch. There are typically two ways that people prefer their chili, and we offer meat for either. Some people prefer ground meat, while others prefer chili meat, which uses a courser grind to get small pea-sized chunks. Either way is perfectly acceptable, it is just a matter of personal preference.

Regardless of what cut of meat you use in your venison chili, you start the recipe the same way. Heat some oil in a skillet and brown your meat as well as any onions or peppers that you want to use. The oil is necessary to prevent sticking due to the low fat content of the meat. If you are using ground meat it is important to brown the meat thoroughly before you add your tomatoes, beans, or other chili ingredients. If you are using chili meat, you can cook the meat until brown on all sides and then add your remaining chili ingredients, as the meat will finish cooking as the chili simmers.

The secret to excellent chili lies in the quality of the ingredients and the cooking time. Quality meats and fresh vegetables provide more flavor than low quality meat and soft onions and peppers. Allowing the chili to simmer for hours over a low heat, or in a crock pot brings out a better flavor than bringing the chili to a boil as quickly as possible and then serving. You will know that the chili is done when you sample a taste and can not clearly distinguish the flavors. When you take a bite and know that you got a bite of pepper or tomato, keep cooking. Once the flavors have all blended together, the venison chili is done.

Buying meat from a company such as Broken Arrow Ranch allows you to use the highest quality ingredients for all of your cooking endeavors. Whether you are planning on freezing your venison chili in small containers to enjoy over the long winter, or whipping up a big pot for a fall football tail-gate, venison chili prepared with our meats is sure to become a favorite.