Venison Steaks

Venison steaks are a wonderful treat, and much healthier than a typical rib-eye or strip steak. Whether you are grilling your venison steaks, putting them under the broiler or frying them in a pan, there are a few things to keep in mind before you cook your steaks to guarantee the best flavor.

Using a marinade will make cooking your steak much easier. The time spent soaking up the marinade adds moisture to the venison steak that will stay with it through the cooking process. While you may want to enjoy the taste of venison without added flavorings, a light marinade will not overwhelm the meat and will make the end result much more succulent.

No matter what method you use to cook the venison, your cooking surface should be medium-hot before adding your steaks. The best way to end up with juicy steaks is to cook them fast, and that is not possible if your meat is laying on the grill or in the pan as it heats up. If you are using a grill or a broiler, you may want to lightly brush a thin layer of oil across the meat before cooking to help prevent sticking. If you are using a pan, add the oil to the pan before you begin cooking.

While the steak is cooking, be patient. By turning the meat only once, you will save the flavor and juices, and the steak will be less likely to stick. Once your steak is cooked, not past medium rare for the best taste, plate the meal and serve immediately. The flavor and texture of the meat changes quickly once cooking is completed. By taking these simple precautions when cooking your venison steaks you can be confident that your meal will be juicy, tender, and delicious.