Wild Boar Meat

Wild boar meat makes a flavorful alternative to domestic pork. The meat is, like all of the meat at Broken Arrow Ranch, incredibly lean. This means that the meat should be carefully watched during cooking. Unlike the venison and antelope that we sell, wild boar meat needs to be fully cooked before eating.

Just like domestic pork, wild boar meat can carry the Trichinosis larvae. Cooking the meat to an internal temperature of 145 to 150 degrees F will insure your safety as well as provide the most pleasant texture for your meat. Serving a sauce alongside your wild boar meat can be a nice addition of flavor and moisture. The sauce can be as simple as some brown gravy, or as complicated as you wish. Wine, orange juice, or a prepared and store bought mix will all make an excellent base for your sauce. Whisking in shallots, mustard, ginger or other flavors that appeal to you are all that is necessary to complete your meal.

Wild boar meat is a great way to experiment with exotic meat. From the impressive presentation of a bone in whole leg, to the more subtle addition of wild boar stew meat to your favorite vegetable beef stew recipe, wild boar meat is a wonderfully versatile meat.

If you have any questions about preparing your wild boar meat, would like some recipes for your meat, or recipes for sauces to serve with you meat, contact us at Broken Arrow Ranch. We would love to share with you what chefs around the country know. We offer the best exotic meat available.