Wild Boar Recipes

If you are new to cooking exotic meats, wild boar can sound very intimidating. With a little care, you will soon be whipping out wonderful and impressive dishes. Wild boar is different than other types of meat. Unlike other exotic meats it must be fully cooked before you enjoy it, and unlike domestic meat, wild boar is extremely low in fat, which means it can dry out easily when fully cooked.

Why does anyone choose wild boar then? The wonderful flavor and impressive presentation are two reasons, and once you learn to deal with the demands of wild boar meat, it is as easy to prepare as any other cut of meat. There are many great wild boar recipes on our website that use a sauce. If you want to prepare a wild boar recipe that does not require a sauce, try a roast or a stew.

One impressive meal is a whole wild boar leg. To prepare the meat for the best flavor, plan on cooking the wild boar meat for several hours over a low heat. This enables the connective tissue in the meat to break down, and you will end up with a tender wild boar leg. To add a little fat to the very lean leg, you may want to drape a few pieces of bacon over the wild boar leg while it is in the oven. Once the internal temperature of the meat is in the 150 degrees F range, remove the leg from the oven and let it sit just for a few minutes to make the leg easier to slice.

Serve the leg alongside a fruit based sauce for an extra special dinner. The presentation of the impressive wild boar leg, with a few simple sides, makes this a great choice for a holiday buffet or other festive event.

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