Wild Game Recipes

When you are cooking wild game you should choose recipes that compliment the wonderful flavor of the meat. While sauces, marinades and rubs all can be used on any of our cuts of meat, using a light touch allows the true character of the meat to shine through. However, not everyone will enjoy the nuances of wild game.

If you are introducing your family to wild game, it makes sense to start by using recipes that are familiar to them. While many kids would not touch antelope cutlets, many will readily devour tacos or spaghetti in which the ground beef is replaced with ground venison. Other excellent choices are chili and stew. If your child likes vegetable beef stew or chili, they are unlikely to bat an eye at a bowl of their favorite recipe, prepared with wild game as opposed to beef.

Once you know that your children enjoy the flavor you may want to try kebabs or a traditional stir fry. After they have a few meals prepared with wild game, you may want to experiment with some recipes that accent the flavor of your meat.

Grilling and sauteing are both excellent first tries, as the meat will look familiar and you can provide a nice sauce on the side for dipping. Don't worry that wild game is too sophisticated for your child. People were eating wild game thousands of years before fancy restaurants discovered it. By carefully choosing wild game recipes that are simple and introducing your child to them slowly, soon the entire family can enjoy the health benefits of wild game meat.

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