All Natural Meat

Many people assume that all meat is created equal. All beef tastes the same, all pork, all chicken, and all antelope, right? Not at all. All of these cuts of meat started out as animals, and their flavor and texture is greatly influenced by a variety of factors. The animal's diet, the amount of exercise it received, and even the method of harvesting all affect the flavor of the prepared meat. At Broken Arrow Ranch we realize this and provide all natural meat that has an incomparable flavor.

Many other farms that offer exotic meat are actually offering exotic animals, raised and slaughtered in captivity. This meat may be packaged as venison, antelope, or wild boar, but it is not truly all natural meat. These animals typically have more in common with traditional beef cattle than with the animals that we sell.

While these farmed animals may spend their time in large pastures, their grazing is typically supplemented with forage provided by man. This ensures that the animals will all be heavier, but fattier, than they would be if subsiding on their browsing efforts alone. At harvest time, the animals are rounded up and shipped to a slaughter house, just like traditional farm animals. These animals, however, have a highly attuned flight or fight reflex by virtue of their wild background. Trapping them in a truck and then shuttling them through the gates of the slaughter house is extremely stressful. This stress causes the body to be flooded with adrenaline, which has a negative affect on the quality and taste of the meat.

The diet of our wild deer and antelope is all natural, browsing only on those plants that are naturally available and in season. They forage for food daily, which develops strong and healthy muscles. Our animals are harvested by gun in the wild, which is not only quick and painless, but it also prevents the flow of adrenaline through the body that occurs when an animal is frightened.