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Antelope Recipes

At Broken Arrow Ranch, we realize that once you have made the purchase of our quality meats you want to prepare them correctly. After you learn a few basic rules for cooking with our meat, you will find it easy and fun to prepare and well worth the effort. As you gain confidence, you can begin to explore your options and experiment on your own to find your favorite recipe.

Antelope, and other exotic meats offered at Broken Arrow Ranch, is so incredibly low in fat that you will want to brush it with oil or add oil to the pan before you begin cooking. If you are cooking the antelope on a grill, simply brush a light coating of oil across the meat and place on a hot grill. This will keep the meat from sticking or drying out, and will give you a wonderfully succulent crust.

When preparing antelope recipes using loins, filets, or chops, the meat will be most tender and moist if cooked to no more than a medium rare stage. A final internal temperature of 130 degrees F should leave your antelope moist, juicy, and delicious. Roasts should be cooked at low temperatures, 180 degrees F to 200 degrees F, for several hours until fork tender.

At Broken Arrow Ranch, we offer the highest-quality antelope meat available. Our all-natural meat, field harvested and carefully prepared for sale, offers a taste that is impossible to replicate. While other merchants may offer exotic meats, our animals, raised in the freedom of the open plains and allowed to browse on a lush and varied diet, will offer you a flavor that cannot be compared to that of farm-raised exotics.