Deer Meat

Deer meat, or venison, is a terrific and healthy alternative to beef. Naturally low in fat, venison can be prepared in a variety of ways. At Broken Arrow Ranch, we want you to enjoy your meal as much as we enjoy providing it to you. As the leading provider of free-range deer meat in America, we feel that we are doing something right.

While many exotic meat sellers are merely storefronts and warehouses, at Broken Arrow Ranch, we work directly with local ranchers and sell only the deer meat we personally harvest. A vital step in sustainable agriculture is managing the population of a species. By working with ranchers to harvest deer from their property, we all win.

The rancher, whose livestock can be weakened by an overpopulation of deer, consults with us. Together we develop a target number of deer to harvest. This number will not be exceeded, as neither we at Broken Arrow Ranch nor the ranchers are interested in diminishing the deer population to the point where it becomes threatened.

The deer are harvested quickly and humanely in the wild. This contrasts greatly with the process that farmed exotics go through, as they are herded and handled before slaughter. Not only is this method stressful for the animal, but it also adversely affects the quality of the meat, due to the stress hormones released before slaughter. At Broken Arrow Ranch, our goal is to provide a solution to our fellow ranchers, our customers, and the environment.