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Dinner Party Ideas

Planning a dinner party, whether for four or 400, can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make, and they all start with the menu. Choosing a menu that will be agreeable to most, if not all, of your guests is your number one goal. A close second, and what makes the decisions so difficult, is that you also want something a little different, memorable, or exotic. Finding dinner party ideas and recipes that are all of these things is nearly impossible. Most people get around this issue by preparing more than one entree or serving heavy appetizers.

While a smaller dinner party, especially among close friends, may make planning the menu a little easier, good dinner party ideas are hard to drum up regardless of the size of the crowd. By choosing to include exotic meats, you are not only offering a unique dining experience, you are also adding a terrific conversation starter to your party.

If you choose to use the meats of Broken Arrow Ranch as a main entree, there are a variety of tasty and easy to prepare and serve recipes that you can choose from. One popular dinner party idea, a wild boar leg, makes a show stopping presentation and is incredibly simple to prepare, just what you need on party day. Simply roast the leg until the internal temperature is 150 degrees F, and you're done--it is that simple. A sauce makes a nice accompaniment, either a gravy, au jus, or other favorite sauce that you would like to serve on the side.

If you choose to use our meats as heavy appetizers, consider our cuts of antelope for grilling up some quick kabobs. Served on bamboo skewers, these make great appetizers or main meals. No matter what menu you decide on for your dinner party, the meats at Broken Arrow Ranch are a wonderful way to add variety and are guaranteed to get your guests talking.