Emeril Green (Jun 2009, Jun 2010)

Emeril Green (Jun 2009, Jun 2010)

Emeril Green Show Features Broken Arrow Ranch Wild Game Meats - Twice!

Planet Green - June 15, 2009 & June 7, 2010

Chef Emeril Lagasse has been a long time supporter and customer of Broken Arrow Ranch. We were honored to be featured on his new cooking show Emeril Green, which airs on the Planet Green channel. The show presents real people's culinary challenges to Chef Emeril and he assists them with educational information on how everyday cooking can be healthy, organic, and eco-friendly.

Recipes from the Emeril Green shows featuring Broken Arrow Ranch wild game meats are below.

Episode: "Wild at Heart"
June 15, 2009

Chef Emeril teaches Alon Street how to cook wild game using various cuts of venison and wild boar from Broken Arrow Ranch.

Recipe: Emeril’s Wild Boar Ragu

Recipe: Emeril’s Venison and Wild Mushroom Stew with Creamy Polenta

Recipe: Emeril’s Wild Boar Chops and Sausages with Peppers and Onions

Episode: "Are You Game?"
June 7, 2010

Mike and Chris Hughes of Broken Arrow Ranch have brought some of Chef Emeril's favorite meat, venison, for a huge feast. The hungry guys will start on a Marinated Loin of Venison, dig into a tasty and juicy Osso Bucco, try a Venison Shepherd’s Pie and last but not least, delight in a Wild Game Choucroute.

Recipe: Emeril’s Marinated Loin of Venison with Chile Spiked Cranberry Sauce

Recipe: Emeril’s Venison Osso Bucco with Creole Mustard Spaetzle

Recipe: Emeril's Venison Shepherd's Pie

Recipe: Emeril’s Wild Game Choucroute