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Exotic Meat For Sale

Broken Arrow Ranch is the place to shop for exotic meat. Our commitment to quality, our customer service, and, most importantly, the flavor of our products combine to make the exotic meat for sale at Broken Arrow Ranch a gourmet treasure.

If you have never tasted exotic meat then you are in for a real treat. From the time we are children, we hear the familiar statement, "you are what you eat." Well, this is true for animals as well. The meat that is sold by some exotic meat farms is exotic in name only. Deer and antelope that are raised on farms, in a controlled environment, and that are fed the same antibiotics, hormones, and grain that the beef, chicken, and pork farmers feed to their livestock, will taste nothing like the meat at Broken Arrow Ranch.

The animals that we harvest have roamed the plains, foraging on a huge menu of grasses, herbs, and shrubs. Their meat is rich and flavorful. The cuts are naturally low fat due to the lifestyle that these animals lead before they are harvested. In fact, you may find that you need to add a little oil to our more tender cuts before cooking.

When shopping for exotic meat, it is important to educate yourself on the method that an exotic meat supplier uses to acquire their meat. If they are purchasing farm raised meat and preparing it for sale, the taste will not be the same as meat that is truly raised in and harvested from the wild.

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