Free Range Meat

Left to roam the plains of Texas, the antelope, axis deer, and wild boar that are harvested by Broken Arrow Ranch develop a distinct taste that is impossible to replicate in domestic meat. This is one of the many reasons that free range meat is more flavorful than its farmed counterpart.

The diet of the free range meat animal is rich and varied. While a farmed animal will eat the same diet day in and day out, typically a mix of hay, pasture and cereal grains, a free range animal will take in a variety of grasses, herbs, fruits, berries, and nuts. This broad menu gives the meat much more flavor than domestic meat.

The lifestyle of the free range animal is also conducive to flavorful meat. Unlike farmed animals that live most of their life in a small pen, free range animals cover many miles each day. They develop lean muscle and have a naturally low percentage of fat. While this low fat content must be taken into account when cooking, it offers a superior flavor, and makes an excellent choice for a meal without fancy sauces or dressings.

Free range meat, such as the products offered by Broken Arrow Ranch, provide a rich and flavorful choice for the meat lover. If you have never tried free range meat you are likely to be surprised at the sophisticated flavor of the meat. If you are ready for a special treat, contact us at Broken Arrow Ranch--we can recommend one of our quality meats and share some recipes with you.