Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a lifestyle commitment that many people want to make, but are unsure how to proceed. No one wants to miss out on every cookout, party, or holiday celebration because of dietary concerns. At Broken Arrow Ranch, we feel strongly that a commitment to healthy eating is easier to maintain if you have the right tools. The meat from Broken Arrow Ranch is one such tool.

Our meats are low in fat, and they are antibiotic and hormone free. These lean cuts of meat are perfect for the avid meat eater. Many people eat meat with every evening meal, and if your diet consists mostly of higher fat beef, or pork or chicken, which are given antibiotics as a matter of routine, then it can be difficult to maintain a healthy eating plan.

By steering clear of unnecessary antibiotics introduced into your system, you reduce the chances of developing an antibiotic resistant illness. These low levels of antibiotics may seem harmless, but most experts agree that they are greatly increasing the incidents of antibiotic resistant infections in our country. In addition, excessive hormones are thought to fuel the growth of certain types of cancers. Of course, we all know the dangers that excessive fat in our diets can cause.

Whether you have been instructed by your doctor to improve your eating habits, or are interested in cleaning up your eating plan on your own, exotic meats have a definite place on the menu. The clean and low fat meat that we sell at Broken Arrow Ranch is the perfect addition to your healthy eating lifestyle.