Hormone Free Meat

By now you have probably heard the term "hormone free meat" used. It makes sense that the cleaner the meat is, the better it will be for you, but have you wondered why? At Broken Arrow Ranch we believe that hormone free meat is important for several reasons.

The health of the animal is one reason that we are proponents of hormone free meat. In a traditional market setting, animals aren't given enough space to roam free and build up bulk the natural way. Instead, hormones are used to help an animal gain weight. Consequently, animals that are fed hormones to force weight gain are more likely to develop a disease or illness than healthy animals that achieve the same weight naturally.

In addition to being healthier, hormone free meat is generally tastier than its hormone laden counterpart. That's because animals stuck in crowded feedlots and inundated with hormones and grains don't develop the same kind of lean, tasty muscles that grass fed, free range animals do. Try a bite of free range, hormone free meat, and you're sure to notice a difference.

Another plus to eating hormone free meat is the overall effect it is likely to have on your own health. Though there is no solid evidence that long term exposure to hormones is dangerous, many medical experts agree that the fewer hormones we ingest, the better. After all, our body produces enough hormones as it is! Purchasing hormone free meat from Broken Arrow Ranch is one way to play it safe.