Not all Frozen Game Meat is the Same

Like production of a fine wine, our frozen wild game meat go through many steps before reaching your kitchen. Each step is designed to maximize flavor, tenderness, and quality.

STEP 1: The meat is dry aged on the carcass for two to five days to reduce moisture content, concentrate flavors, and prevent "purge" when it is vacuum packaged.

STEP 2: The meat is then vacuum packaged and held in an aging cooler for three to four weeks. During this time the enzyme tenderization processes continue while the vacuum packaging prevents further loss of moisture, ensuring a more flavorful, juicy product.

STEP 3: Only after the primal is fully aged is it removed from the vacuum bag for further fabrication into chop-ready racks, boneless leg fillets for medallions, boneless loin, etc.

STEP 4: The meat is then blast frozen to preserve it at peak quality.

No other game meat is produced by this "double aging" process. It is more costly and requires careful attention to detail. It is also the only way to create game meat with maximum flavor and tenderness.