Organic Meat

Our wild harvested venison is as close to nature as anything that you could hope to find. Raised in the wild, the animals that we harvest have no exposure to chemicals. Hormones are fed to farm raised animals to stimulate growth. Antibiotics are a necessary evil due to the over crowded and unclean living conditions that these animals endure. Neither hormones nor antibiotics are given to our animals.

Another factor contributing to the clean nature of our meat is our grazing lands. The open plains where our animals graze are absolutely free of any herbicide, pesticide, or any other chemical preparation. These animals feast on pure grass, clean water, and grow as fast and as strong as they are genetically made to, with no help from chemicals of any kind.

At Broken Arrow Ranch we have not gone through the process of having our venison certified organic. The process that you must go through to receive government approval to use the organic stamp is lengthy, and we feel, would only make our product more expensive. By keeping our costs down, and concentrating on what is important, we are comfortable that you will find our meats cleaner and healthier than anything commercially available.

Our venison, while not certified organic meat, is as natural as they come. At Broken Arrow Ranch we are committed to providing only the best products for our customers. Restaurants throughout the country come to us to supply all of their exotic meat needs, and we would love to do the same for you.