Purchase Gourmet Meat

The thought of purchasing gourmet meat over the internet may seem difficult, but at Broken Arrow Ranch we have developed an excellent system that ensures the timely arrival of your meat, safe and ready to cook. If, after you have read the shipping information, you have any concerns, feel free to contact us for an additional explanation.

We typically ship our orders out on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday using Overnight service to ensure safe delivery of your meat. Please refer to our standard shipping schedule for details on order deadlines and delivery dates. If for some reason you need a package as soon as possible, please utilize our expedited shipping option or contact us and we will try to make the appropriate arrangements.

Our meats are shipped in a reusable styrofoam container with cold gel packs. Along with our policy of only shipping for early in the week delivery and avoiding hold overs at the carrier's depots, this means that your meat will arrive cold and fresh. If for any reason you are not happy with the condition of your meat on arrival, we want to hear from you.

Shipping costs on every order are clearly visible on our website and include the cooler and gel packs. We feel that shipping our product so that it arrives in the best possible condition is just as important as offering a quality product in the first place. Only through outstanding customer service can we hope to supply you with the quality gourmet meat that you are expecting to purchase.