Venison Sausages

Our line of sausages offers plenty of selection for those of you who are trying to cut down on beef and pork but still like the traditional flavors of sausage. Our venison smoked sausage is one of our best sellers. It is hickory smoked and fully cooked. Our blend is 70 percent venison and 30 percent beef. The traditional smoked sausage flavoring gives this venison sausage a familiar taste. This smoked sausage has one-third the fat of a comparable serving of beef or pork sausage.

Our summer sausage is another fully cooked choice. Also 70 percent venison and 30 percent beef, this is the perfect sausage to slice and eat on crackers as a snack. With the classic flavor of summer sausage, but less fat, your tail-gating friends will appreciate this sausage.

Our venison bratwurst is a wonderful choice for a hearty German meal. With the spices of traditional bratwurst, but a mix of 70 percent venison and 30 percent pork, you can enjoy those favorite ethnic meals without the guilt. Another ethnic choice is our venison Italian sausage. 70 percent venison and 30 percent pork combined with traditional Italian seasonings make this a great choice for slicing over your favorite pasta, along with some olives and a good cheese. Neither the bratwurst or the Italian sausage are fully cooked.

All of the venison sausages produced and sold at Broken Arrow Ranch are of the highest quality. While many sausage makers use a lesser quality meat in their sausage, we consider all of our products to be premium quality. Our sausages make a great gift for others or a treat for yourself. Order online today--we would love to hear from you.