Why Buy From Broken Arrow Ranch?

Not all venison is the same. There is a difference between Broken Arrow Ranch venison and other venison you can buy. Some distinctions Broken Arrow Ranch products offer you are:

  • Wild & Free-Ranging

  • Fully Government Inspected

  • Medication/Antibiotic Free

  • Humanely Harvested

  • Low Fat Content

  • Sustainable Resource

  • Full Money Back Guarantee

Broken Arrow Ranch venison is the only truly wild venison field harvested and processed under full government inspection. These two factors - "truly wild" and "full inspection" - are differences we believe are important to you and worth more.

Wild & Free-Ranging

The free-ranging deer and antelope harvested by Broken Arrow Ranch are truly wild and free-ranging, living on over 800,000 combined acres in Texas. The wide variety of natural vegetation in their diet gives the meat a more complex flavor profile.

Chefs who should know tell us they can taste the difference. Chef Mark Miller, in his "Coyote Cafe Cookbook" says:

"Venison supplied by Broken Arrow Ranch does not have an unpleasant over-gamey flavor that many people associate with venison that has not been harvested properly. It has, instead, a satisfactory subtle flavor that includes tones of the wild herbs and bushes that the deer graze on in the open Southwest ranges."

We believe that farm-raised venison is a good product - we sell it, too! However, we simply believe that our wild harvested venison is better.

Medication Free

Our free ranging venison has another advantage that is important to today's consumer. The wild deer and antelope we harvest are able to maintain separation between small groups and avoid the potential spread of disease among their numbers. Medication is not needed. This means the free-ranging venison you get from Broken Arrow Ranch is free of any medicines and antibiotics.

Humanely Harvested

Reducing stress during slaughter is a major factor in controlling meat quality. An animal that senses a threat or unusual situation will react with an increased flow of adrenaline which in turn creates a rapid increase in lactic acid within the muscles. This acidic condition causes the meat to become tough, strongly flavored, and reduces the shelf life of the meat. Our field harvesting technique is to quietly search the ranch for deer and antelope and harvest the animal by a long-range, single shot to the head using a sound-suppressed rifle. The purpose of this unique technique is to ensure the animals are never under any stress and the resulting meat quality is the highest possible.

Sustainable Resource

We work with about 100 Texas ranches as an integral part of their animal population management programs. With few natural predators remaining, ranches can quickly become overpopulated with wild deer and antelope resulting in overgrazing and, eventually, starvation for the entire herd. Our field harvesting methods helps ranchers maintain naturally sustainable deer and antelope populations, which preserves the herd and land as a future resource.

Extremely Low in Fat

The low fat content of venison is a major reason for consumer interest in venison. While all venison is relatively low in fat, it can vary based on the species, geographical location and season. Animals that evolved in colder climates (i.e. red deer, elk, fallow, and sika) develop a genetic tendency to acquire large quantities of fat to survive winter. Animals that evolved in tropical climates have no seasonal need to develop fat and remain extremely lean throughout the year. Broken Arrow Ranch harvests both cold and warm weather species. Located in Texas, however, we have the advantage of raising primarily tropical species and can harvest them throughout the year with almost no variance in fat content. Our venison from axis deer, blackbuck antelope, and South Texas antelope will almost always have less than 2% fat content. Compare that with other protein options available, especially other red meats. We believe this is a significant difference to nutrition-conscious consumers.

Money Back Guarantee

Broken Arrow Ranch is proud of our customer service record. We guarantee both the safe arrival and quality of our products. If you are ever dissatisfied with one of our products, we will do everything necessary to fairly resolve the issue.

All Venison Is Not The Same

We know our venison sometimes costs more than other venison available. The focus of our efforts is to produce quality products, not merely large quantities. This does not make production of our products the most cost efficient, but it does make them very good. Other methods of raising and harvesting deer and antelope are less expensive and we know others will always be able to sell their products for less. We would rather explain our prices than make excuses for our quality. Fortunately, since 1983 we have found chefs and establishments throughout the U.S. who agree...

Our Venison Is Worth The Difference.