Why You Shouldn't Buy Game Meats From Your Local Supplier

We realize that your local meat suppliers provide an important service to you. When you need venison, antelope, and wild boar meat, however, there are a number of reasons why you should consider buying from us rather than your local supplier.

  • We can offer a much broader supply of cuts - usually fresh or frozen.
  • We can provide species of venison and antelope not available from your local supplier. Axis venison, for example, is widely acknowledged as the best venison available. We are the only harvesters of free-ranging axis venison in the world.
  • Antelope is rapidly becoming a favorite of restaurant patrons. We are the only consistent source of truly free-ranging antelope.
  • You can depend on safe arrival of our products to your kitchen door. We ship daily to fine restaurants all over the country (including Hawaii!). We guarantee safe arrival. In most cases, if we have your order by early afternoon, we can have our products in your kitchen by the next day at noon. In most situations, even your local supplier can't match that service!
  • The quality of our products is absolutely guaranteed. If you ever receive a shipment from us which does not meet your satisfaction, we will refund your money.