Wild Game Meat

People like to eat wild game for a variety of reasons. Some people have fond childhood memories of eating venison or wild boar from a family hunting trip. Others choose wild game meat on principal. Concerns are growing over the methods used in commercial beef and pork farming. Raising these animals introduces a great deal of waste, contaminated with antibiotics and hormones, into the environment. The grain that is fed to these animals requires the heavy use of chemicals. Eating game meat allows you to enjoy meat without contributing to this problem. Other people choose wild game meat for health reasons. The meat is untainted by harmful chemicals and naturally lower in fat than its domestic counterpart.

Whatever their reasons are for initially trying wild game meat, people would not continue to eat it if they had to compromise on the flavor. The hearty flavor and delectable texture of our meat is what, in the end, keeps our customers coming back for more.

If you are ready to make the switch to wild game meat, don't feel like it has to be all or nothing. For some people, once they switch to hormone and antibiotic free meat, they never want to go back. Most people are more moderate in their approach. By replacing even one of your red meat based meals each month with wild game meat, you are improving your health.

By serving wild game at dinner parties or potluck dinners you are helping to expand everyone's tastes. Many people are unaware of the quality of the meat that is sold as wild game meat. You can be confident that when you order from Broken Arrow Ranch, you are getting the best quality meat available.