Would You Believe That a Higher Food Cost Can Be a Good Thing?

It can be if it produces more bottom line profit per customer. Here's how you can produce more profit by featuring our game meats along with your traditional menu items.

Food cost percentage has been a traditional guide for judging the efficiency and profitability of your business. Unfortunately, this simplistic approach can prevent improvement of your menu mix that might increase your overall profits. Ultimately, your success or failure is measured in dollars of profit or loss, not food cost percentages.

Even though the food cost percentage for the venison entrée is higher than for the chicken item, it produces three dollars more profit than the chicken or beef item. Your Customers Will Pay More for an Unusual Menu Item Such as Antelope, Venison or Wild Boar! It Can and Should be the Highest Priced Entrée on your Menu.

Every customer orders one entrée. Why not offer a more expensive entrée that produces a greater gross profit? We have a broad range of game meat items suitable for almost any menu pricing. Call us today to discuss your needs and interests.