Broken Arrow Ranch Waiter's Guide South Texas Antelope Venison

Broken Arrow Ranch Nilgai South Texas Antelope Venison

South Texas Antelope, also known as nilgai (pronounced "kneel-guy") antelope is native to the Himalayan foothills. Introduced to the coastal plains of South Texas more than 70 years ago, these animals now range over millions of acres, allowing for limited harvesting to control populations.

  • Veal-like Texture
  • The Perfect Red Meat for Summer
  • Milder Flavor than Beef

Our free-ranging South Texas Antelope are humanely harvested from the coastal plains of South Texas.

Full government inspection.

Totally natural meat, No hormones, No Antibiotics.

Lower in cholesterol than chicken, 1/3 the calories of beef, Less than 3% fat.

Suggest a treat! Fine dining should be a memorable experience. Your patrons will appreciate your knowledge and suggestions.

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