Broken Arrow Ranch Waiter's Guide Venison & Wild Boar Sausages

Venison Smoked and Wild Boar Smoked

  • Lean, but succulent and juicy
  • Perfected blend of garlic, herbs and spices

Venison "Bratwurst"

  • Ten spices
  • Mild flavor

Venison Italian and Wild Boar Italian

  • Rich with fennel and anise for distinctive Italian flavor

Sausage - Savory and Delicious

Wild game sausage has moved upscale and is enthusiastically accepted by adventuresome diners.

Suggest a treat! Fine dining should be an experience, not just a meal. Your patrons will appreciate your knowledgeand suggestions.

All meat, No fillers, No MSG.

80-85% lean, low in fat and calories.

Our sausages are made from free-ranging deer, antelope and wild boar harvested from ranches in the Hill Countryand coastal plains of Texas.

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