Broken Arrow Ranch Waiter's Guide Wild Boar

Broken Arrow Ranch Texas Wild Boar Meat

The wild boar we harvest here in Texas are direct descendants of the true Russian boar. They were introduced to the Texas Hill Country by ranchers interested in raising them for hunting trophies and for the delicious meat.

  • Classic European Delicacy
  • Delicate and Distinct Flavor

Our free-ranging Wild Boar are humanely harvested from all over South Texas and the Texas Hill Country. They feed on wild berries, nuts, roots and other natural vegetation.

Broken Arrow Ranch Wild Boar are selectively harvested for optimum quality, as well as aged properly for flavor development.

Full government inspection.

Totally natural with No hormones, Antibiotics, or any other medications.

Much leaner and healthier than domestic pork.

Suggest a treat! Fine dining should be a memorable experience. Your patrons will appreciate your knowledge and suggestions.