Chicken Fried Venison Steaks

I once spent several hours trying to invent the perfect chicken-fried steak. I used egg batters, beer batters, and every combination of spices I could contrive. Shortly thereafter, I stopped at Barbara Harris’s Kozy Kottage Café in Kerrville, TX. Having heard about her chicken-fried steak from my son David and my daughter Sherry, I ordered one on a trial basis. It was as good as I have ever eaten. I knew there must be several secret herbs and spices involved, but couldn’t quite make them out. After I promised her fame and fortune, Barbara agreed to write down her recipe:

Tenderized round steaks, Flour, Buttermilk.

That’s it folks. When I recovered from the shock, I realized that I had once again been confronted with the unique flavor and cooking possibilities of buttermilk.

Mike Hughes, Founder – Broken Arrow Ranch