Fig, Date, and Walnut Stuffed Roast Wild Boar with Fig and Port Wine Sauce

1 Broken Arrow Ranch Wild Boar Rolled & Tied Leg or Bone-in Leg, any size
Olive oil
Fresh Thyme
Fresh black figs, for garnish

2 cups fresh black figs
1 cup fresh dates
1 cup coarsely chopped, lightly roasted walnuts

1 cups port wine
1 cup zinfandel wine
½ cup sugar
1 Tbsp chopped shallots
1 cup chopped figs
2 cups demi-glace (or low sodium beef broth, reduced)
1 Tbsp sweet butter
Salt to taste

Combine all stuffing ingredients in a food processor and coarsely chop. Set aside.

If using bone-in leg, remove meat from the bone and clean any remaining tendons/sinew from inside of leg. If using rolled & tied leg, cut away netting and unroll meat. Lay meat on counter with “outside” of leg facing down and “inside” facing up. Evenly coat inside of leg with half of the stuffing mixture then roll leg back into a fairly even ball. Truss the leg with butcher’s twine. Rub the outside of the wild boar leg with a bit of olive oil, fresh thyme and salt. Place the leg on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Roast at 350° F until the internal temperature has reached 145° F, approximately 1 hour. Remove the leg from the oven and let it rest approximately 20 minutes. Slice into individual portions, garnish with the remaining stuffing, fresh black figs, and sauce.

Sauce preparation: In a heavy bottom sauce pan combine port, zinfandel, sugar and figs. Cook on high until the mixture reaches the consistency of a conserve (thick and syrupy). Remove from the heat, puree in blender, and strain through a fine sieve. Set aside. In a heavy bottom sauce pan, add the shallots, splash of port, and reduce until almost dry. Add the fig port syrup and demi-glace. Reduce by one half. Salt to taste. Whisk in butter to finish.

Allow ½ pound of meat per person.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Rosemary Campiformio